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Tourism intermediaries

Learning outcomes:

By the end of the course, participants will:

  • Learn and analyse the different tourism intermediaries and their functions within the tourism distribution system
  • Gain knowledge about hotel distribution channels, be able to elaborate hotel distribution strategy, according to the property’s product, location and other specific features
  • Gain knowledge of tour operations, with special emphasis on the preparation, selling and implementation of different types of package tours and other travel products
  • Learn about the diverse legal and formal agreements between tourist intermediaries and their partners; be able to negotiate on the core points of the contracts

Indicative content:

  • Overview of the Tourism Distribution Chain
  • Types of Tourism Intermediaries – functions, place in the distribution chain, way to benefit from the intermediation
  • Relationships among the participants in the Tourism Distribution chain
  • Hotel distribution channel management
  • Tour operations – preparation of a package tour
  • Tour operations – documents
  • Tour operations – tour leaders and representatives
  • Tour operations – marketing and operational issues
  • Legal issues of travel agencies and other intermediaries
  • Problems and conflicts within the tourism distribution chain

Course duration:
16-40 contact hours (1 contact hour = 45 minutes)

Delivery mode:
Face-to-face, online

Maya Ivanova

Upon request

NB: * The content and the learning outcomes will be adapted based on the agreed duration of the course.

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