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Faruk Seyitoğlu

Faruk Seyitoğlu (Ph.D.) is an Assistant Professor of Faculty of Tourism at Mardin Artuklu University, Turkey. He is currently a postdoc researcher in the research group of Tourism Development at the University of Aveiro under the Governance, Competitiveness and Public Policies (GOVCOPP) research unit. He holds Ph.D. degree in Tourism Management from Akdeniz University, Turkey. Dr Seyitoğlu has worked as a research assistant at Akdeniz University, Turkey and as an assistant professor at Kapadokya University, Turkey. His research interests are tourist behaviour and experience, destination management and marketing, gastronomy and food studies, tourism and hospitality education, robots and robotic technology in tourism/hospitality services, tourism planning and development. Dr Seyitoğlu has published in various internationally recognised tourism and hospitality journals, including International Journal of Hospitality Management, Information Technology & Tourism, Current Issues in Tourism, Tourism Management Perspectives, Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research, Journal of Ecotourism, International Journal of Tourism Cities, Anatolia-An International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Research, Journal of Teaching in Travel & Tourism, International Journal of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research and some others. Dr Seyitoglu also published in Technology, and Food and Gastronomy journals such as the Technology in Society, International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science, Journal of Culinary Science & Technology, and the British Food Journal.

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