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Maya Ivanova

Maya Ivanova, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor at Varna University of Management, Bulgaria, and Head of the Department of Tourism. She holds a BA in International Tourism, an MSc in Tourism, and a Ph.D. degree in Tourism from the University of Economics – Varna.

She has a 10-year experience in tour operator and travel agent companies, extensive knowledge in air transport, tourism intermediaries and the overall overview of the tourism business, and is a certified IATA/UFTAA instructor. Thanks to her large practical experience, she works closely with the business as a consultant and trainer.

Dr. Ivanova’s expertise and research interests include tourism and hospitality management, air transport, tourism intermediaries, platform economy. Her Ph.D. research was dedicated to hotel chain management and later served as a ground for the Routledge Handbook of Hotel Chain Management, co-edited with Prof. Stanislav Ivanov (Varna University of Management) and Prof. Vincent Magnini (Virginia Tech University), and published in 2016.

Dr. Ivanova has published in numerous peer-reviewed journals, like Annals of Tourism Research, Tourism Management Perspectives, International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Administration, Tourism, and Anatolia, among the others. Currently, she serves as Editorial Assistant of the European Journal of Tourism Research and is a member of the Editorial Board of Tourism Management Perspectives.

Maya has participated in a number of projects as an expert, consultant, or teacher. The most recent of them are The Next Tourism Generation, CULINART, HELIX: Entrepreneurial Learning Exchange Initiative for Sustainable Hospitality SMEs in the Balkan-Mediterranean Region.

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